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Welcome to Rolly Cafe - A place of coffee lovers

We are here to make your day wonderful and relaxing

At Rolly Cafe you will find yourselves amongst friends and neighbors, amongst young and old. You will be a part of a celebration of one of life’s simplest pleasures and one of the most joyful acts we as humans can do: Share a meal, Have a drink.

What people has say about our coffee

Everyone enjoys the coffee we served with love and care

William Moriaty

High-quality coffee and great environment. Easy to access location with great parking place at the back side.

Peter Parker

This was my third time visiting to Rolly Cafe. The coffees were made with care and were unhurried in their delivery. Mine was just right for me - strong, full of flavour, and enough to make me feel that I had a cup of coffee. Worth a visit.

John Wick

Excellent staff and services, the food quality is excellent and delicious desserts. Love going there every afternoon after work.

Mona Lisa

Don't miss Rolly Cafe! The environment is outstanding, a great place to meet like locals, travelers, students, and businesspeople. Coffee is excellent and deserts are good as well. You'll keep coming back here again and again!

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